Backend: Python, FastAPI, Django, Java, Spring Boot, Rust, Go Frontend: JavaScript, Node.js, React, Vue, Tailwind CSS
DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Gitlab CI Database: Postgresql, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis
Other: AWS, Git Language: English, Bengali

Work Experience

Senior Engineer - Backend TrustYou GmbH Mar. 2022 – Present Munich, Germany

  • Ship data-intensive APIs used by TrustYou partners to enable them to create awesome hotel experiences.
  • Take responsibility for planning and designing software within a small team.
  • Contributed to the rewrite of a legacy platform using FastAPI and SQLAlchemy, implementing asynchronous Python for enhanced efficiency.
  • 2x performance enhancement by optimizing SQL queries for a UI-blocking business logic.
  • Successfully addressed issues in a sub-system connecting various third-party systems, leading to an 80% reduction in reported bug tickets.
  • Engaged in shaping design decisions for an innovative and enhanced platform.

OpenSource Developer OpenCraft GmbH Jul. 2020 – Feb. 2022 Remote

  • Enhanced and optimized CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment on Kubernetes clusters.
  • Developed Terraform scripts to streamline and automate infrastructure deployment.
  • Contributed significantly, accounting for 90% of my work, to the Open edX community through active engagement in open-source projects.

Senior Software Engineer Divine IT Limited Aug. 2016 – Oct. 2018 Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Team Lead of the Web & E-commerce team, mentored several junior developers and interns, helping them improve their skills through pairing and occasional coaching.
  • Created a Block-Based Web Content Editor in Django, enabling the marketing team to change content and reducing engineer workload by 30%.
  • Streamlined demo preparation, reducing the time from several days to minutes with a standardized CI/CD pipeline.
  • Achieved 4x report generation performance boost through SQL query optimization.
  • Resolved a critical security bug, preventing significant monthly losses for our customers.


Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering

IUBAT—International University of Business Agriculture and Technology

Apr. 2012 - Apr. 2016 Dhaka, Bangladesh